Led strip + QC + Enttec open DMX

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For a project, I would like to control independently 40 led strips of 2m long using QC and Enttec open DMX ! However i have many questions.

Hardware Setup

1 - I don't know how to link physically rgb led strip to QC thanks to Enttec open DMX. More precisely, i have 4 wire to solder into the DMX connecter. I know that the first pin (left) is for the ground but where do i have to solder the 3 R-G-B Wires ?

Software Setup

2 - Do I need specific driver for my Enttec box or can I connect it directly into my ethernet mac port ? 3 - I know I have to use kineme Artnet plugin, but how do I need to build the qc file ?

thanks for your help

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Re: Led strip + QC + Enttec open DMX

1- perhaps you shoud consider looking at the tech specs of your gear. check the model/brand and see if it accepts DMX signals. Are you sure the 3 wires are for DMX signal ? I suspect it takes voltage and lits the corresponding LED color directly ...

2- no driver needed, just set up the right adress on your ethernet card. see the artnet patch doc for details.

3- there's a sample file included i guess. It just takes a structure, where the key is the channel address and the value is the DMX value

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Re: Led strip + QC + Enttec open DMX

Thanks Frantz for your answer ! You are right, our led strip are analog one and I think we need to use digital one that is compatible with dmx protocol.

But I have an other question : If i want to use Led strips of 2m long with 60 led/m (so 120 led per strip) each will need 3 canals (RGB), so 360 canals per strip, how many Led strips of 2 m long can i have maximum using Enttec open dmx ethernet, QC with the artnet plugin and my simple mac book pro without problem ?

Thank you very much for your help !

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Re: Led strip + QC + Enttec open DMX

there are 512 channels in a DMX universe...

With artnet, there are 16 universes per subnet, and 16 subnet. So a theoretical 16x16x512 channels = 131072 channels. But you would need a lot of artnet nodes...

Nowadays, everybody is using DVI drivers for LEDs, not DMX, so that you can plug a video source directly into your LED.

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Re: Led strip + QC + Enttec open DMX

Okay !

I never eared about this solution, but it seems perfect for what we want to do : generate a picture in qc and apply it on led strips to permit to control it more easily, but unfortunately we don't have a big budget to make this project

So can you tell me more about the DVI solution please ?

  • How does it work and what kind of product will I need (soft and hardware) ?
  • And how we will need to build the composition on qc ?
  • Do I need to drop my Enttec open dmx ?

Again thank you very much for your knowledge, you are a perfect adviser !