MadMapper released

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Hi fellow visualists. After one year of hard work, I'm proud to announce the very first release of MadMapper, the QC-friendly video-mapping tool. It uses v002' Syphon framework to share video frames coming from QC (big up to Vade and Tom !) or any other Syphon-enabled apps, such as VDMX or Modul8.

Get a demo from

Regards to all the community.

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Re: MadMapper released

Congrats Franz! MadMapper is really great piece of work and I'm excited to see what gets done with it as well as see what I can do with it myself.

I told you I'd see you on the internet :)

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Re: MadMapper released

The MadMapper application works straight out of the box [running the demo BTW] - sweet :-)

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Re: MadMapper released

I've added a beginner level QC tutorial on my blog, for those interested.

1024 blog QC-MM tut