Midi Soft Takeover

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Here's a little utility patch for midi soft takeover. Since the built-in midi cc patch initializes to 0, i set this up to "hard code" a start value then interpolate to a midi cc input. If anyone has a better solution, let me know.

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Re: Midi Soft Takeover



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Re: Midi Soft Takeover


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Re: Midi Soft Takeover


Better solution? Endless knobs, a controller with an init / dump all option, or - what I do - touch all controls briefly while my output is off the main screen.

Also, I've been ecperimenting with mapping to a PS3 controller, which doesn't have fixed sliders - controls are either hands-on, one thumb controls two parameters, but if I let go they snap to middle, or "chords" - analog trigger button controls some parameter, but only while another digital button is held down. Release the "parameter select" digital button, the value will be remembered until next time that selector is held down. Allows for getting the trigger in the rough position it was in last time for a soft effect, or changing staccato from extremes.

Would love to have the time to hack some weird controllers together, but sadly it's not to be right now. Something like a bike handle controlling an accelerometer, with brake and bell controls. Or a prayer wheel scratch device (I-I-I want the knife!)

So midi knobs, joysticks and endless knobs it is. In that context, your patch ight be useful, thanks!