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just wanted to see if anyone else as daft as me. the other day I see a post from smorkis on my Facebook about two free south west plane tickets. I had seen this from various other graph relations on a Facebook. Against my better judgment I clicked on cause it said smorkis. It's like don't click the free shit add. In all honesty I have made it to the end of those surveys and actually got free shit before.

South west is like 8 hours from me and i use united or delta but I thought it can't hurt to take 10 min out of my day to get two free reservations, At first glance the URL said south west but it was a sub domain and to late at this point. This thing created a monster and tagged all my people's in mad photos with there name on it.

Once I figured this out the devil inside of me was thinking maybe I should leave this monster with certain people's tags in my photos to see if they will click it but seeing I have shingles right now i didn't feel like spreading the the virtual graph monster virus. I would have let swarm a few months ago when I was anti Facebook. I'm tired of being the grumpy jaded social dinosaur and started using Facebook so I can communicate with my little sister.

Anybody else feel the mister graph swarm ?

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Re: Monster graph tag

Hm. I didn't tag you in anything. I did get a "Dustin O'Connor tagged you in a photo on Facebook" message; I deleted it. (That's all I know.)

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Re: Monster graph tag

that thing swarmed. i know you didn't do anything intentional all your peeps where tagged. i was just thinking how i could fuck with people i went to high school that used to fuck with me. the first time i saw it my from my mate paul basic but one of his friends named dustin invited me. i almost clicked but was skeptical, but then when i saw smorkis on it i was like damn, paul and smorkis are hardcore hackers this must be a legit add. sometimes theres a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. back in the day i think i was up to 3 or 4 free ipod nanos.

i gave up on the whole user privilege settings with facebook. theres only a few choices but that graph still baffles me like its all public even when its not. i felt like i was in a jr high popularity contest or something. i like so and so more than so and so but so and so is a close friend, i love aunty blah blah more then uncle wtf ? my social etiquette is a bit uncouth as you know and had to make a general warning for family and friends. like i don't have time to figure out who is who's x who is gay who is straight, who is christian, who is Muslim, who isn't 13 yet etc... then yesterday i went to message a friend and it says you need to pay 15 dollars to send so and a message ?

that whole virus makes me think though. if im not able to share someones photo i could just tag myself in it and share it that way ? just wanted to see if anybody else clicked on that shit. lol