Multiple ArtNet receivers

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Hallo folks,

Hope you can answer these question quite fast. Is it possible to receive multiple ArtNet universes in the same patch? Try these but it seam it did not work out, or may i did something wrong. Added 2 ArtNet receiver notes ( Universum 0 and 1) to my patch. the second one is not receiving. If I change universe numbers between the nodes the second is receiving first one not. If I change both to the same universe no one is receiving anythink at all.

In my project we need multiple receivers up to 30 pcs.

Kind regards, Chris

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Re: Multiple ArtNet receivers

Hi, @Cmuessener. Are you using the latest version of Art-Net Tools (version 1.6)? I just tested that version, using the pair of attached compositions, and it has no trouble sending and receiving 2 universes of data. Do these compositions work for you? If not, do you see any related messages in

artnet-send-2.qtz28.89 KB
artnet-recv-2.qtz2.3 KB

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Re: Multiple ArtNet receivers


Thanks for the quick answer. I download Art-Net Tools 1.6 and it worked. So thanks!

What is the main difference to the new Vuo Software on art-Net? Think I will give them also a try, regarding the view options of the setup which would be nice for my project.

Kind regards, Chris

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Re: Multiple ArtNet receivers

I download Art-Net Tools 1.6 and it worked.


What is the main difference to the new Vuo Software on art-Net?

Vuo's Art-Net implementation is based on Kineme Art-Net Tools version 1.6, and has a few improvements:

  • Vuo understands ArtPoll messages and sends ArtPollReply messages — so Vuo can automatically detect other Art-Net devices on the network, and advertise its presence to other devices on the network.
  • Vuo sends Art-Net messages on all available network interfaces (instead of just those prescribed by the Art-Net spec), making it easier to get working / integrate into existing networks.
  • Vuo sends and can filter by the Art-Net "Net" descriptor (in addition to Sub-Net and Universe) — the Kineme version only supports Sub-Net and Universe.
  • Vuo supports Art-Net II and Art-Net III devices — the Kineme version may fail to detect ArtDmx packets from Art-Net III devices (since the Art-Net spec changed the way the Sub-Net is specified).

Vuo also has better built-in support for creating and manipulating lists than QC does, sort of like Kineme DataTools + more.