OpenGL version?

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A very basic question about OpenGL in Quartz Composer: What version of OpenGL is QC using?

Or am I asking the wrong question - I don't even know if the version is dependent on the specific GPU of my machine or not.

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Re: OpenGL version?


Each GPU & given GPU driver has an associated max version of OpenGL that is supported. Executable code uses a given version of OpenGL...similarly, GLSL allows one to use definitions to use a particular version.

I don't know if QC allows a higher version of OpenGL to be used in a QCPlugin or QCPatch. It seems like their are some ways to work around and do this if it doesn't "just work", but I have 0 experience trying.

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Re: OpenGL version?

Thank you George for clearing that up. So does anybody know what are the key differences between 2.1 and OpenGL 2.0 ES (which I understand is the base for WebGL)?