"Plugin not found" text in posts

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Hey all @kosada, I'm noticing a lot of "Plugin Not Found" texts lately all over the forum – in places where I think links are supposed to be.

Maybe it's just me but I didn't see it before, so I wonder if this is just some temporary problem with the site configuration or something and can be fixed easily?

Thanks for keeping up this wonderful place!

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Re: "Plugin not found" text in posts

Sorry, some clearification about my earlier post.

The exact text is: "Plugin <em></em> Not Found", underlined and acting as a link to kineme.net

So in HTML it would be something like this: Plugin <em></em> Not Found

As an example of what I mean you can look at this post, in the 4th reply: http://kineme.net/Discussion/GeneralDiscussion/Justfoundsomethingtotally... (or just search the forum for "plugin not found").

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Re: "Plugin not found" text in posts

@pyramus: I ran a database-wide regex replace, and then found and fixed a few more by hand. I think finally all the remaining "Plugin not found" messages are gone — searching for that error message now only returns this discussion thread.

Thanks, @pyramus and @leegrosbauer, for reporting the problem. (See also this older thread.)

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Re: "Plugin not found" text in posts

great work @smokris, thanks!