Quartz Builder 1.4 and osx 10.5 issues?

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Hi, This could be a known issue but I couldn't find anything.

I just installed QB 1.4 and it seems to have messed stuff up. When starting up QC I now get: -[QCCompositionRepository registerProtocol:withDescription:]: net.kineme.QuartzBuilderApplication 0x93277692: GFException

I'm running 10.5.8 (I bet it's all good on 10.6/10.7.)

I found that QB now installs a plugin at /Users/me/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/QuartzBuilderProtocol.plugin It messes with KCore (0.5.1) : Plugin management just spins.

Deleted QuartzBuilderProtocol.plugin and QC is back to normal. So I guess I'm stuck with earlier QB releases ?!?

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Re: Quartz Builder 1.4 and osx 10.5 issues?

Actually there always was a QB Protocol plugin, from version 1.0 upwards, it just seems as though you've uncovered a problem with 1.4's QB plugin in regards of the Protocol Conformance option in your 10.5.8 setup.