Surround sound and caf files

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Hi, I have been trying to sync surround sound to video files and I'm using the v002 movie player to play a 12 minute quicktime and kineme audio player to play a 6.0 caf file. For some reason the caf file takes about 4 seconds to load and play. The caf is about 500meg.

I could really do with getting the file to load quicker. Does anyone know of a way to cache the caf file or preload it in some way.

Alternatively is their a way to pass aac surround sound from the QuickTime movie?

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Re: Surround sound and caf files

if you have a sound card with multiple outputs you can connect them to your surround players channel inputs. that way you could compress the audio to mp3 or something then use multiple kineme audio players set to different channels. does your player have multiple inputs or is spdif ?

normally i sync with external time. v002 doesn't do this so i would suggest making a time delay counter then trigger both you audio and video after x amount of seconds. then connect the movie current time to the audios current position. see example.

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Re: Surround sound and caf files

quicktime supports multi channel audio and there is a version of vade's movie player around that supports multi channel sound cards

Just embed the audio within the movie and do it that way?