Synapse + OSCalator + Abelton Max For Live + quartz composer qcOSC Tryplex port conflicts

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Hi guys.

Synapse is sending out on port 12345/7

Abelton + Max for Live is reading OSC data on port 12345

OSculator Receives OSC data on port 12345 Routing with D (raw no change) to any port I want.

QC with qcOSC and tryplex can listen on any port.

So I cant reroute to multiple ports with OSculator? it looks like it can only send to one port at a time? I don't think you can change the ports with Max live plugin to receive on a random port? I cant change the ports out on synapse?

How do i get the synapse data to both abelton on port 12345 and to Qc on any port simulations with no conflicts? Can I have synapse send out to more ports? If Osculator is listening to port 12345 to rerout it to other ports, Max live will crash because its conflicting with Osculator.

Has anyone managed to run all this?

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Re: Synapse + OSCalator + Abelton Max For Live + quartz ...

anyone got any ideas?