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Does anybody have experience using QC transitions in FCP? Is it possible without building a FX plugin using XCode or a 3rd party app like CHV's dev tool or Noise Industries or whatever? I don't mind if it isn't encrypted for this project.

What about iMovie? I've read it uses QC files for it's filters and wipes so presumably one can just drop a .qtz file in the appropriate folder yes/no?

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Re: Using QC transitions in FCP and iMovie

From what I remember you'd have to make "image units" and that was for CI filters (and CI transitions) , So you'll probably need Xcode.

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Re: Using QC transitions in FCP and iMovie

Try FX Factory from Noise Industries*, it lets you take a composition and export it as an FX Plugin for transition, source, or effect. Its actually kind of awesome.

*I work for Noise Industries, so I am biased. It is kind of awesome though. FX Factory Pro gives you this feature, but you will have to pay to use it.'s picture
Re: Using QC transitions in FCP and iMovie

Thanks Vade, I thought I'd seen something at NI a year or so back but didn't find it today. Is there a lite version or a demo version of Fx Factory Pro I can test drive (even if it has a watermark I can get a feel for it).

Is this the only open, as in FCP only uses FX Plugins for effects/transitions? Is there anything in Developer Tools documentation that would help me build an FX Plugin in Xcode (I couldn't find a tutorial for eg)? I know buying Fx Factory would save me time and money but I'm a DIY kinda punk throwback ;-)

Also I don't have iMovie installed but it's possible the client will use iMovie to edit his v.blogs so if I can just use a .qtz transition/effect in iMovie? That would probably solve our problem.

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Re: Using QC transitions in FCP and iMovie

It is possible in iMovie… by modifiying the existing FX/transitions (iMovie bundle, Resources folder), which are indeed Quartz Compositions.

As for FCP, iMovie and the upcoming FCP X seem to share many inner workings. If one looks closely at the leaked FCP X images that appeared over the last days, FCP X could even include NI FXFactory functionality out of the box.

As for FXPlug, there's a separate SDK for it (available from Apple Dev.)

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Re: Using QC transitions in FCP and iMovie

A good place to start is the FxFactory developer dokuwiki:

You can download FxFactory free of charge and the ability to build plugins works in trial mode for 15 days. After that you will have to purchase FxFactory Pro.'s picture
Re: Using QC transitions in FCP and iMovie

Unfortunately I've already downloaded it some time back so prob expired. Unless new version resets the countdown will check. Thx.'s picture
Re: Using QC transitions in FCP and iMovie

Thanks for the link. Don't have iMovie so couldn't see for myself, that's proof it will work!

Yeah the FxPlug SDK looks a bit hairy for me… I guess I'l shell if they need FCP option.

Also author of CHV dev tool I mentioned in OP emailed me a demo link (pays to ask — a link is not evident on site): click here to download.'s picture
Re: Using QC transitions in FCP and iMovie

With .qtz support in iMovie and Keynote (too limited but it will do somethings) a native encrypted file format would seem like a really good idea to me. How else to distribute ones hard work without making it freely available for copying by some established FX/KN theme house with a high volume website?

I had a to and fro with cwright about this some time ago and I don't think he really saw any great benefit (to put words in his mouth perhaps but the issue was how secure can any file format that gets rendered plain text at some point be?).

I would really like to see an Apple developed native encrypted .qtz(e) file format with password keys (key encrypted to a Mac address would be even stronger but that maybe overkill for consumer stuff I guess) or licence certificate type of approach.

Here is my Feature Request to Apple if peeps want to duplicate (please do!)