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There's a glsl fragment shader oriented node system that's popped up for openframeworks. At the moment, it's really alpha, has some bugs (don't go using it for production!), but I think it has a great deal of potential, and I'm pretty excited about it. There are already some really great novel features, like being able to see the texture at each patch node in the editor, and being able to mask or warp that result in the editor, in an interaction-like way.

I'm going to try to make contributions to it in my spare time, and if anyone else sees some potential in making this system rock, I encourage them to dive in too!

Patricio is a cool developer, aware of the qc scene, and I think it's an awesome opportunity for the worlds of openframeworks and node systems like qc to collide, hopefully in a good way! It's on github and opensource, so anyone can dive in and tweak the project, fork it, etc.

Also, the somewhat related addon, ofFX, is very cool as well.


... and has some super easy syntax for chaining fragment shaders.

I'm going to try to fill in gaps in the filter selections, add some stuff for fractals and raymarching/raytracing, and help with some editor polish as time permits. I know there are some real whizzes out there on this forum, and it would be cool to see some contributions from people with people that know the benefit and drawbacks from the qc way of doing stuff. I'd kind of love to see the qc scene get behind something opensource like this, and rock it.