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Howdy y'all.

My name is Steve Belovarich, some people call me Blue. It is a pleasure to meet ya. Currently I live in LA and I am down to meet other peeps in the area interested in Quartz, Max/MSP, Arduino, Proce55ing, VVVV, OF, and other creative coding languages. Lets have a meet up!

I have a MFA in Computer Art from Syracuse and BS in Electronic Arts from RPI. While I haven't made much artwork since leaving academia in '10 because I've been pursuing commercial interests, I am down to get back in the game and make some conceptual interactive artwork. I've recently been signed on to create visuals for a hip hop / rock group locally in LA. I am also developing an App for OS X, and creating electronic gadgets for a personal trainer. I also design web sites and have ten years experience in video production. I teach Video Art as an Adjunct off and on.

I'm eager to learn GLSL and OpenGL and would trade or even pay for lessons, but more interested in trading. Do you want to learn Max or Arduino?

I'll be prowling the forums and answering questions to those who need help. I have been using QC off and on since it was introduced in OS X Tiger and while I am somewhat out of touch with it, I find myself getting reacquainted with the interface quickly.

Check out my work at

Back to coding...


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Re: Creative Coder Lookin to Chill

welcome bluish steve, i am definitely looking forward to your QC explorations. if you haven't already checked them out, la has some pretty wicked resources in machine project, crash space and of course dorkbot.