Hi All

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Hi All,

I'm a software developer, though not much to do with this sort of stuff, and a part time DJ in Switzerland.

I was introduced to Quartz Composer a couple of months ago. A bagful of broken projectors came into my hands last year, and I took the opportunity to do something productive and learn about projection mapping, something I've been following for a couple of years.

Long story short, after asking around about tools to use, someone told me about QC, found out I'd had it for years, sitting there on my HD. Once I got the hang of it, I was hooked. Still feel I got a lot to learn, but I've been amazed at some of the results I've achieved already, it's helped me realise an idea I've had for years, but had no concept of how to implement. With QC and a few helpful videos and articles around the web, I was away in no time!

So here to learn more, and hopefully give a little back