hello from slovakia

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hi, i am trying to animate some cool stuff i see around me, for example there was a wallpaper in one house so i took picture, put it in layers and gave it some movement (tapeta7 attached file), i call it art recycling... many things, like some architecture for example is gonna be demolished or rebuild, so my mission is to keep it digital and make funky a bit:) i am very new to QC so i don§t know if some effects i try to apply are making animation slow because it is too much for machine to compute or because i use wrong steps, for example, 1- i would like to make some layers with LFO to Blur effect, but when i do so, it is not played smooth 2-i am looking for simple way how to zoom composition, when i use Render in image, it makes it slow, is only correct way to size it up individually by layers? 3-how is possible to save it as a movie (played smoothly) well, i see QC as kungfu, there are many masters, different styles... nice to meet u

tapeta7.qtz2.89 MB

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Re: hello from slovakia

hello movie64, 3: one of possibility how to capture movie is http://kineme.net/QuartzCrystal.