10.7 build of Color Art plugin

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Hi Guys, an emergency request here. I've got a QCcolorArt plugin that needs to be built for 10.7. I've changed the build targets but now have some ARC semantic issues.

Is there any chance please, please, please you could have a look at this and build it for 10.7

Much thanks, feel free to bill me for this emergency work.




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Re: 10.7 build of Color Art plugin

this will build 10.7

NSColor * color = colourArt.primaryColor;
NSInteger numberOfComponents = [color numberOfComponents];
CGFloat components[numberOfComponents];
CGColorSpaceRef colorSpace = [[color colorSpace] CGColorSpace];
[color getComponents:(CGFloat *)&components];
CGColorRef cgColor = CGColorCreate(colorSpace, components);
if (colourArt.primaryColor)
primary =  cgColor;