Graphic overlays for sports webcast

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I have a set of approximately 5 graphical effects for sports webcasts that I need to revamp with polished animations, on par with what you might see on the major television sports networks.

I can provide all of the data for the graphical effects, both for display and to control the behavior of the graphics, through a custom provider patch.

I have a decent budget for this project. If you have interest, please tell me how to contact you.


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Re: Graphic overlays for sports webcast

I can show you sample work I have done for others in precisely this 'field'. Please contact me usefuldesign {dot} au {at} gmail {dot} com. Very interested :-)

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Re: Graphic overlays for sports webcast

Hi Adam,

I'm also interested in this and have also done some similar work (not sports like Alistair but graphical overlays for podcasts). I can't post these (although I can email you a video) due to copyright but here is another example of my work