Interface to analog-digital-converter

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I'm interested in using these cards to capture analog signals and using the result in QC. It seems there are drivers for C programming interface How hard do you think creating a patch for this would be? Heard of it being done before with another similar unit? Anyone prepared to quote?

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Re: Interface to analog-digital-converter

I would recommend an Ardjuno board ( it has plenty of analog inputs and does serial com through USB. Also I have good experience with a joystick controller ( ) no serial com or driver needed, it presents itself as a standard game controller (HID deviice) to the os. Supported by QC. Good luck, v.

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Re: Interface to analog-digital-converter

Yes, the Leo Bodnar chips rock. Easy-peasy to use, no drivers, the hardest thing is there is a little soldering leads to get wiring to your inputs. He has another version with EZ-connectors for a little more $$.

For other uses Bodnar + ControllerMate works with just about any software. cheers jd