ARTNET / enttec DMXetherhate mk2

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OK So i've been pulling my hair out iver this all day.

So i've got my DmXethergate working as far as that i can see from the web browser interface that it is receiving artnet packets when i output using kineme tools artnet sender. I can also receive stuff back again using the receiver.

so far so good.

Trouble is, no matter what i seem to try i can get any response for the fixture im using. (cheapo chinese RGB bar). (& i don't have anything else to hand to test with which is a bit of a problem)

It seems like the bar is receiving Something by way of DMX because when its dmx cable is not plugged in it just goes off on a little colour cycle (it does the same thing if i set the dip switches on the ethergate to 'receive' or config" (i.e. not a dipswitch setting which allows for sending DMX).

i have no problem controlling it using my entec usb pro... its just the ethernet that seems to be a problem.

This may seem a stupid question a this point.... do i need to install the open lighting architecture to get this to work?

Any help greatly appreciated. Especially since i already paid for the artnet tools knowing i wanted to play with it for some time but now cant seem to get it to work!!



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Re: ARTNET / enttec DMXetherhate mk2

It looks like this ended up being a hardware issue and switching off of artnet and back to it worked.