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Well, Kineme, you've done it again with the 2D tools. Such great work! Kudos to gtoledo, et al, for helping.

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Re: Kineme2D

There is a lot of goodness in the offering, Kineme 2D, for sure.

Love the Vector Morph & the Bezier Structure patches.

Thanks to the Kineme crew, and also bernardo, gtoledo and usefuldesignau for all the example compositions and great new 2D patches.

SVG :-).

Any chance of Cornu curves?

Atari Blues - Lathe 2D from cybero on Vimeo.

A replicated lathe extrusion utilising the new Kineme 2D plugin for Quartz Composer, audio data derived from a Magic Garageband mixdown - Atari Blues.

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Re: Kineme2D

Wow ! What another great and complete job ! Thanks !

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Re: Kineme2D

Great tool - It would be great if you could solve the curves - ie find out the position of the point x% of the way along the curve.

In this way you could draw the edges of a mesh and then use javascript of the like to compute the mesh

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Re: Kineme2D

Did you try Vector Intermediate Point (and possibly Grid With Vector)?

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Re: Kineme2D

Oops I should have looked through all the demos first - I got a bit excited, This will be so cool for non flat mapping projects

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Re: Kineme2D

Excellent stuff! This is all we'd been asking for in terms of vector support, and more!

+1 for the Cornu curves, incidentally.


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Re: Kineme2D

nice, checking out the demo now. quartz composer now has quartz 2d woot woot ;) one would think qc would have quartz 2d built-in stock from the get go ? this is another example of kineme greatly extending the functionality of qc.... bravo.