QuartzCrystal Render Size

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hello developers..

i'm using quartz crystal now for some years and i really love it..

now i'm having an upcoming project with bigger render sizes than 4096x4096..

so my question is would be possible to get an updated version supporting 8192 pixels?

or is it already possible to get higher render sizes with the command line interface?

greetz from munich..


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Re: QuartzCrystal Render Size

Glad to hear it, @sinsynplus! :^]

We don't currently have plans to update QuartzCrystal, but, yes, the command-line interface allows you to render higher resolutions than the app permits. It supports resolutions as high as your GPU allows — typically up to 16384x16384 these days (assuming you have enough video RAM).

On the wiki we have some documentation on using the command-line interface — QuartzCrystalCLI.

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Re: QuartzCrystal Render Size


sounds very promising.. i'll try the CLI..