Quartz Crystal rendering incorrectly

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So, Quartz Crystal seems to be really finicky.

Im rendering a QC Comp with a background billboard. Enabling AA makes the output of the billboard in the rendered movie all fucked up and the wrong size.

I am also getting issues with OpenGL content not rendering the same as in Quartz Composer.

See here (some screenshots). Note both issues are demonstrated. There is additional completely transparent, GL content that is not visible in QC, but is rendered and totally visible in QCrystal (the shafts), as well as the billboard being totally the wrong size.

QCrystal was rendered out at 16x AA, no Motion Blur, at 720p. The QC comp is rendering at a 16x9 forced aspect.

Composition in QC.png
Composition in QC.png498.35 KB
Composition Rendered in QCrystal.png
Composition Rendered in QCrystal.png292.2 KB

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Re: Quartz Crystal rendering incorrectly

Ok, setting my clear to 0, 0, 0, 1, from 0, 0, 0, 0 seems to resolve the issue in Quartz Crystal of the geometry showing up. I am still getting errant sizes of billboards. The larger the AA, the more the error in billboard size.

Here are 3 frames,

1xAA 2xAA 4xAA

demonstrating the difference in the billboard. No comp changes, only Quartz Crystal settings change.

Quartz Crystal Version 2.0 (20110529)

1xAA 1st Frame.png
1xAA 1st Frame.png309.38 KB
2xAA 1st Frame.png
2xAA 1st Frame.png284.35 KB
4xAA 1st Frame.png
4xAA 1st Frame.png270.44 KB

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Re: Quartz Crystal rendering incorrectly

Also note that frame 1 has some serious artifacting/color issues in the horizon line - as well as the GL Line sizes not being correct, due to super sampling I am assuming (higher super sampling, smaller the lines are in the final output since GL lines specify output pixel size, not geometry size?)


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Re: Quartz Crystal rendering incorrectly

I don't think Quartz Crystal honors the composition aspect ratio (that's probably a legitimate bug, but it's something QC itself doesn't enforce outside of the editor and maybe QCViews?). Supersampling does require you to Nx the in-pixels measurements.

Presumably QCrystal could just create a multisample GL context now that such things are widely supported - that would run aground of its attempt to use the software GL renderer (which fails - probably another bug because pixel formats are clumsy and I was stupid), but I don't think anyone would mind.

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Re: Quartz Crystal rendering incorrectly

I disabled composition aspect ratio. It still happens due to the supersampling.

I understand the pixel to pixel measurements being an issue, but clearly the QC Billboard size changing is an issue, no? There is no way to make it render just like in QC? It sucks workflow wise to work out bugs when trying to render something offline that renders fine online... especially when its "lines" not rendering right :P

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Re: Quartz Crystal rendering incorrectly