Google Chrome as a plugin?

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So I have used the nice CoGeWebKit plugin but what I would really love was the ability to use a WebGL output in a Quartz context. If you don't know webGL check out some of the mind blowing stuff that has been created with e.g. the three.js api. Unfortunately this plugin does not activate webGL. Besides I have heard that Chrome performs the best overall.

So I was wondering if it would be possible for someone knowledgable to take a look at the source of the 'Chromium embedded Framework' example and get something working? I thought perhaps the overall concept and input/output scheme of the WebKit plugin could be used.

Excuse me for writing this in the Kineme forum but there are so many people with Quartz knowledge around here. I know only about web development and I am no good in XCode. So I can only post this hoping someone will be curious and have a look at the code.

CoGeWebKit project:

Chromium Embedded framework bare bones example (link to github included)