HTTP GET/POST Request plugin

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This is my first plugin, which I've enjoyed building. And now i wish to share it.

So, it does HTTP GET Request if you set an empty body, and tick the GET input. It does HTTP POST Request if you set something in the body.

It waits for the response signaling it. And outputs the status code along with the response body.

Also, updates it's outputs whenever the URL or inputBody changes.

It's not heavily tested but it seems to be OK. So if any of you use it please say anything.

This can be very useful for testing purposes. For those who develop web services... (which is the reason for his existence).

OH! Forgot to mention that it's based on MiniSOAP plugin example.

HTTP_Client.plugin.zip20.42 KB

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Re: HTTP GET/POST Request plugin

I GET it •~. good POST, djfil :-)