Integrating with Network Receiver

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Is there a C, Java, or some library or documentation for sending data to net Network Receiver patch from outside of Quartz?

Thanks !

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Re: Integrating with Network Receiver

I've created a little C program that sends data multicast data. I've sent 'THE QUICK BROWN FOX' to the same port and address that I send to in QC with Network Broadcaster. The string from my little program doesn't get successfully processed by Network Receiver. I've done Wireshark captures of both packets, and I notice that the payload looks strangely encoded in the Network Broadcaster packet. Can anyone suggest what I might have to do to properly format my data so that it can be received through Network Receiver?

Screenshots of my sniffer captures attached.


C Program.png
C Program.png53.73 KB
Network Sender.png
Network Sender.png62.33 KB