QC Compositions Bundled by Apple in iWorks

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I have been researching the .qtz files inside the packages for iMovie and iDVD. The iMovie patches have been somewhat fun, but the iDVD patches nearly universally fail to load, usually complaining that their main patch is not found: e.g., iMovie's Resources\Transitions\TransitionWipe.qtz reportsz:

6/18/11 11:00:31 PM Finder[121] *** : Patch with name "OLQCTransitionWipe" is missing

A few other more generic missing patches such as "OLQCClickableSprite" are reported by other .qtz's. What is going on? The transitions seem to work ok within iDVD, but not in the editor.

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Re: QC Compositions Bundled by Apple in iWorks

Inside of iMovie is a plugin patch called iDVD.plugin. If you copy this an load it in your quartz composer patches folder, the compositions I'm question will now load. Have fun, there are some cool patches in there.