QC OpenGL Version .

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Sorry , if the topic has been already covered , but i have few esoteric concerns about QC and Open GL :

. Which OpenGL / GLSL versions QC is running ?

. I'm working on an QC host application , that renders several compositions to several FBO's . Things were just fine until , I started to have the need of passing more than one FBO to a GLSL shader . To pass more than one FBO to a shader , I somehow needed to activate texture units through a glActiveTexture(textunit) call: no success using the legacy OpenGL version ( 2.1 , I guess ) . So I've tried to force my code to use the OpenGL 3.2 version : no success creating QCRenderer against a OpenGL 3.2 context .

. Does anyone has a working code sample ( or advices ) , that could illustrate how to pass more than one FBO through a GLSL shader ( under the OpenGL legacy version ) ?