QC rendering with multiple computers?

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Has anyone tried to render 3d in QC hooking multiple computers together? Is this even possible. ..with virtualgl. or maybe with chromium or some other?

www.virtualgl.org www.chromium.sourceforge.net/doc/index.html

Can I directly output quartz composer data from one computer into another running with QC?

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Re: QC rendering with multiple computers?

You should take a look at Quartz Composer Visualizer in your developer > application > graphics tools folder.

There no documentation but its pretty simple to set up. Apple used it for the app store wall at the WWDC conference a couple of years ago.

Here a youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et77WI-lzSY

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Re: QC rendering with multiple computers?

Thanks. I´ll look into the visualizer. The yt example was just splitting the composition on two screens. But can I use it to output composition data that I would first render with one computer to another that does some extra post processing and finally outputs it to a projector. I need to get pretty hi resolution so one gpu wont cut it with QC.. I also need to control the composition real time with minimal lag. How should I setup this.

Another thing that came to my mind is the idea to render the whole thing with one computer that either borrows 3d rendering power from a SLI GTX system running on windows or linux thru virtualgl(I´m not sure if this is possible) or to set up somekind of cluster rendering with a couple of MBPs. Does anyone have experiences with similar setups? Is the QCVizualizer going to help me with this.

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Re: QC rendering with multiple computers?

I dont think that will be possible (virtualGL), as not all of Quartz is built on top of only OpenGL, but also leverages Quartz 2D and other Mac only drawing API's.

Im not familiar with VirtualGL, so I cant speak to specifics, but I'd be surprised. That said, i've been surprised before :)