Quartz Builder and its smooth animations

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You guys made a great job with QuartzBuilder, it's doing its job real good. However, we must implement some features so have to work with Xocde.

And that's where it goes . . .

I really wonder how you guys get the animations to run so smooth when they're compiled with QuartzBuilder !

Some of them even run smoother in QuartzBuilder created apps then in Quartz Composer itselfs . . .

And I clearly cannot recreate that smoothness with Xcode, despite the options we tried . . .

? . . . ! . . . ?

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Re: Quartz Builder and its smooth animations

Hi, @Bodysoulspirit. In QuartzBuilder, rendering is driven by a CVDisplayLink, which helps synchronize QC rendering with the actual display device.

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Re: Quartz Builder and its smooth animations

Hi Smokris,

Thanks for answer ! We will dive into that CVDisplayLink ! Thanks

I join the 2 Apps using the same .qtz where people can see the difference if they want ! Really much better rendering using Quartz Builder I think ! Both run fullscreen.

I really think the Xcode version is much more jerky ! Especially on big screens

Perhaps my qtz isn't built the best way for optimal smoothness. because both version don't run perfectly smooth ! It's a horizontal scrolling text inside an iterator for infinite loop (Don't mind the poor text quality)

I really hope Vuo will be better in smooth animations, waiting for a public trial :)


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