Xcode4 - how to start Quartz Composer from within XCode4 / how to debug a plugin

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Hello everyone,

i am new to this Forum and i hope my question wasn't already answered (i don't want to bore you with my problems).

I just switched from XCode3 to XCode4. When i used XCode3, there was a button "Build & Copy". Pressing this button started the compilation, automatically copied the plugin to the pluginfolder AND (!) started Quartz Composer. Now i was able to see all logs on the console and could use the debugger (setting breakpoints etc.) Now in XCode4 "Build &Copy" does not start Quartz Composer. I cannot use the debugger/console. This makes it pretty hard to develope. I searched the internet, but all i can find are answers that focus on XCode3. That does not solve my problem :-(

I hope you can help me with that, and thanks in advance,


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Re: Xcode4 - how to start Quartz Composer from within ...

I solved that problem with the help of a friend and want to share his solution:

  1. "Edit Scheme" (press the Button right next to the "Stop" button, klick on your projects name and "Edit Scheme")
  2. in the "Executable" option choose the "Quartz Composer" application

That´s it,