flam3 as a Quartz Composer plugin?

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Does anybody know of a Quartz Composer plugin version of flam3 (the open-source fractal flame generator used by the Electric Sheep screensaver)?

thanks Bruno

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Re: flam3 as a Quartz Composer plugin?

The closest thing off the shelf that fits the bill you are speaking of is SBArt4 - http://www.intlab.soka.ac.jp/~unemi/sbart/4/ - the registered version of which outputs CoreImage kernel code of unbelievable complexity and beauty.

Isn't quite the same as flam3, being genome based , rather than fractal, but it'll produce movies for the content folder of Electric Sheep out of QC via the route described above. The demo version [shareware] provides some example compositions that evidence the kind of genome CIKernel that results.

Interestingly enough, it also runs lUA scripts. Could be some further SBArt4 to QC love going on there if the LUA plugin is still available. Link is posted somewhere on this site. http://code.google.com/p/qcluaplugin/ & again :-) .

Otherwise its a matter of downloading the Linux source code for the rendering engine and then building a plugin to produce frame by frame flames image sequences that then get stitched into movies, or else produces a QC only rendered flame sheep.

Not quite sure of which direction you're heading in on this as Electric Sheep can be approached from a variety of angles.

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Re: flam3 as a Quartz Composer plugin?

thanks for the info cybero, I'll check out your leads.

After some experimenting with flam3-animate (the renderer behind Electric Sheep), I can see that it's much too slow to run in realtime in QC. However I'm having some success just running it from Terminal and rendering out QT movies to use inside QC.

Apparently there is a GPU version ( flam4 ) but it requires CUDA so only runs on nvidia cards (I've got a Radeon 5770).

I'm not sure how Electric Sheep seems to do it in real time. I'm guessing the frames are pre-rendered offline and are only being displayed by the ElectricSheep when the screensaver kicks in. Please correct me if I'm wrong, since it would be great to run this algorithm in realtime in QC.

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Re: flam3 as a Quartz Composer plugin?

I wonder if LUA Scripting or indeed the previously mentioned genetic iterator SBArt's CI kernel code isn't something useful [not fractal] . BTW, I was wrong when I said SBArt4 took LUA Scripts, Oxidizer does, but then again that doesn't mean the LUA Scripting plugin couldn't still prove useful.

You can use SBArt as a GUI based CI kernel code editor whilst editing the graphic gene.

See attached example.

10 seconds worth of Quartz Crystal 2 offline rendering took a total of 67 seconds for the same composition at 1280 * 1024 Maximum H.264 quality will be evident shortly at http://vimeo.com/cybero/candy-core-image.

sbart_ci_001.qtz10.36 KB

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Re: flam3 as a Quartz Composer plugin?

Come to think of it, if you have Lion installed, you have a new patch, a refinement of the previously released recursive Droste which might serve such a purpose.

See attached example, OS X Lion only , though you could try replacing the patch that won't mount on pre Lion OS X with the Developer's Droste kernel.