how to make Synapse app running when i'm runing Xcode project

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I 'have made an application in Quartz Composer using Synapse app. I have succed to make it run in Xcode. The problem is that I have to run the application Synapse before. And I want Xcode to run the app Synapse on is own. But I don't know how. Thank you

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Re: how to make Synapse app running when i'm runing Xcode ...

My first thought would be to try and integrate the synapse source directly into your application if it is absolutely required. It might be possible to spawn other programs from your own app, but you'd need to include it in your app bundle, and might lead to complications if the user already has it installed or running, and further complications if new versions appear. Might be best to exclude it from your app and somehow check if synapse is running when your app starts, if not, prompt the user to get it and start it themselves, providing links in an alert or something.

The synapse page does include a link to the source code but the openframeworks web adress provided seems to be gone, the file still downloads (