xCode error on compilation

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I've been trying to get some OpenGL and GLSL stuff done as executables in xCode, whilst porting GLSL stuff back to QC's GLSL level of support.

When trying to compile Shader Maker from source [it's executable fails to stay loaded in OS X 10.7.x] I got the following error /bin/sh failed with exit code 22

Any ideas as to why that is happening and what can be done to rectify the problem? Just can't see the wood for the trees on this at present :-)

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Re: xCode error on compilation

QtOpenGL.framework unsatisfied dependency resulted in this message. Still working on getting the right version of the QT library installed where it will make a real difference, but that's the reason for the /bin/sh failed with error code 2 [not 22 BTW, my typoe mistake] .