Help with ArtNet Tools Hardware Setup

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Dear Friends at Kineme,

We bought the ArtNet Kineme Plugin and now we're figuring out the best hardware setup to create a composition, to control DMX Lights. In other words, the composition needs to send instructions to DMX, so the ambient lights changes accordingly, with QC animations.

We are considering the Entec Open DMX Ethernet Hardware to provide color control DMX signals to a array of led lamps(dmx compatible).

The Hardware Device Compatibility (in the shows that Receive from Art-Net Tools works Open DMX Ethernet. The text seems a little ambigous... it means that ARTNET SENDER PLUGIN works with this hardware? or it menas that ARTNET RECEIVER PLUGIN works with this hardware?

Besides, there's any hardware recommendatios?

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Help with ArtNet Tools Hardware Setup

I've tested outputting DMX (from computer to lights) using the ENTTEC Open DMX Ethernet --- this works. Overall this device has worked well in similar applications for us (using compositions to control theatrical lighting).

Though the ENTTEC Open DMX Ethernet also supports receiving DMX (from external lighting controller to computer), I have not specifically tested it.

I modified the text in the "Hardware Device Compatibility" table to hopefully make this clearer.