Quartz builder crash

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Hi, everyone, :D

Anyway, I updated yesterday to 10.6.6. and QuartzBuilder started crashing. :l Don't know if it's the update, cause I haven't used it for two weeks or so, but today I needed it for a very important school project lol, and it opens normally, but when I load any .qtz file it just crashes.

I attached the error report.

I noticed now that when I quicklook a .qtz it crashes Finder :l, but when I just open it in QC then everything works fine.


error-report.txt41.99 KB

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Re: Quartz builder crash

UPDATE: It works now, I deleted the QuartzBuilderProtocol.plugin, and it made a new one and now it works. Hmm. :/

Quick Look too.

Weird. :/

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Re: Quartz builder crash

That sounds about right, though arguably it shouldn't have required that intervention. I was unable to reproduce your problem BTW, but was able to output a fresh QB toy . [ just updated the toy as I noticed, belatedly, it was not working properly [local file path issue :-)]

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Re: Quartz builder crash

Sorry about that. Yes, if multiple copies of the QuartzBuilderProtocol plugin are installed, the QC Framework will throw an exception. We'll add a check for that to the next QuartzBuilder release, so at least it won't crash.