using kineme patches in a commercial application.

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i know this question has come up before in regards to lets say distributing paid kineme plugins but was wondering about the many free useful tools kineme has to offer. lets say i made an application with structure and file-tools and i would like to distribute a package on the mac app store or something like this ?

i know using anything beta is sort of against apples distribution rules and technically all of kineme patches are classified as beta, but many of them are completely stable and i feel could be used in a commercial context.

maybe this is not possible as all of the kineme patches are built un-officialy but i would say if the un-official patch is only sub-classing what now is an official class and not doing any system hackery or using private methods etc.. then they should be all good.

as of now i have been building custom patches, code signing them and including them inside an application bundle which x-code doe's validate. with kineme plugins the source isn't available to do this. i'm not sure if a plugin even needs to be code-signed as that is not possible using a kineme plugin in this sort of context.

sorry if this question is kind of dumb but i'm new to developing and licensing and what not and although many people post patches here openly a lot of people make copy writes and what not.

i just wanted to ask. i know lots of developers use open source code in their own commercial projects and maybe sometimes its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission but this new mac store opens up a lot of opportunity for quartz composer users... qc being an official apple framework and what not.

so if this is legit does kineme have any sort of eula or something that would need to be included in a bundle ?

as of right now i don't have any specifics, its only a question. maybe this should be treated in case by case basis or what ever i have no idea. i just don't want to piss anybody off and have a lot of idea of how kineme patches could be utilized in this kind of context.

just some food for thought. thanks

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Re: using kineme patches in a commercial application.

Almost all free plugins are released under the MIT license (see the License page for details), so, as far as we're concerned, you may do with them as you wish, including using them in commercial applications. plugins are, in fact, already used in numerous commercial applications. plugins use Apple's private QC API, which is prohibited from the Mac App Store.