Looking for examples for fluid effects (i.e rain of objects)

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I am trying to simulate rain rolling off of buildings (collisions) or if I use a kinect collect on your hands and run off when it over flows. How would I go about doing this or what plugins would I look at?

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Re: Looking for examples for fluid effects (i.e rain of objects)

you should download the qc open cl zip package from apple developer site. it is for snow leopard so you may have to rename some kernels from Main to something else. inside the package from apple is a file called snow.qtz. in it the snow accumulates on the letters snow. it does this because the letters are black and white. if you substitute the letters for a Kinect depth image thresholded to black and white then the snow should do the same thing with your hands. all you would be left to do is change the dampening or something and colors to reflect rain and not snow. as per a tutorial I think your best bet is the dec example it is made to be your tutorial. supposing you can get your depth image into qc you should be able to do this without knowing open cl and just feed the example what it needs. here are 2 two-D development examples smoke dancer and snow which should help you get started...

Smoke Dancers-Snow.zip12.96 MB