TouchOSC with Quartz Composer

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Here is a simple video explaining how to connect TouchOSC with Quartz Composer.

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Re: TouchOSC with Quartz Composer

i have touch osc. i like to use it with osculator. actually have pretty much all the osc apps. touch osc is probably my fav. to use if not building custom ones. that is because you build your own layouts very easily. i played around with touch osc developers cellular automate osc app as well. i don't use it much but my daughter loves it. she thinks its a drawing application.

i bought one osc app i think hexosc or something. it was probably the most expensive osc app, i thought it was from the same developer but i was wrong. i also thought maybe its unique piano interface would be interesting but was wrong and subsequently don't ever use it.

why did you use apples stock osc patch and not qcOSC it was made by touch osc developer ? i like using qcOSC now. i like how it auto populates your osc addresses a lot. i didn't use it much when it first came out it would crash my system all the time. wasn't till the kinect came out that i figured out qcOSC needed qc to run in 32bit.