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hi all,

I've been using QC for quite a while now, though not that deeply. However, I need to ask this simple question, how can I change a macro category? I'm using a Render To Image macro, connect it to Image Writer to save image from my Viewer. I noticed that I always create a glitch because the Render in Image macro is categorized as category? So, how can I change it to Generator?

I've seen some compositions using REnder in Image as Generator, of course I can just copy and paste that macro, but I just need to know how to make it properly :D

Cheers everyone!

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Re: change macro category

If I understand your question, say you put two patches inside a Render in Image patch, a provider patch like Video Input and a consumer patch like the Billboard. The Render in Image will change color to match the Video Input patch. If you put the same in a macro, it will become the color of the Billboard (consumer).

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Re: change macro category

I think, make sure you have a billboard attached to the output of the render in image also, when trying to use the image writer, and it should work OK.

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Re: change macro category

Don't forget to put a "Clear" patch on the layer 1 of your Render In Image.