writing outputs to a file

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I am not an experienced programmer, also quartz composer is totally new to me. as an university project homework, which involves kinect, i have to read the acceleration data of the skeleton.

i am using tryplex toolkit, which is here:


there is a patch and also a macro compositions which gives the x, y and z acceleration values as an output. i have to write these output values to a file with time stamps to work with.

i have installed all the necessary kineme plugins. but it seems i cannot manage to get them functioning.

also there is the file attached. i tried to alter the composition as you can see.

can anyone help me? :)

11_01s acceleration values.qtz923.95 KB

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Re: writing outputs to a file

I'm guessing you want to use these values outside of QC? if not see the previous comment if so

is it in realtime? ie from a constantly running composition? if so you can continue to use the kineme text file writer - but use append mode so your text file has a history of all the points and timestamps (thanks again for that smorkis)

To get the timestamps you need to combine a string printer and the system time patch - see the attached composition. By using the file writer this way though (every frame) it slows your composition down..... to around 30 fps on my recent mbp with a 7200 rpm hdd

If its offline recording your after try looking at the amorim xml plugin in the following post


11_01s acceleration values.qtz924.6 KB

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Re: writing outputs to a file

i will try at once, and share the results. thanks for the replies.