An "Image With Paragraph" plugIn

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After having some headaches for years with Image With String patch alignment, I decided to configure a custom plugin to output image from paragraph.

Image WIth String patch has a "Lines Count" output but I never understood hwo to make a line break. Neither \r nor \n never worked for me.

Well, here it is possible to select font, size, alignment, kerning, line spacing (and my last headache was on making possible to draw all the lines on minimum one line height), and a padding value if you want to use background like in the example comp attached (next step would be to actually draw a background :-/).

The file is named h[Oz] Strings but the path itself is named "Image With Paragraph", because I'm thinking about other patches that would go in this bundle.

It is the very first version, so I'd be glad to have any bug reports...

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Re: An "Image With Paragraph" plugIn

Here's my solution Benoit. I seem to be the stock patches evangelist these days…

I replace "alt-return" with "alt-return-%@", then break the string with the "string components" patch. Tagging with %@ allows to add an extra white line to the string in when building the images inside an iterator, otherwise the last line of the image is lost (under certain circumstances).

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Re: An "Image With Paragraph" plugIn - v.0.2

Merci Dimitri !

I saw your great comp. Bravo ! Really beautidul !

But now that I have begun this plugin I'll try to go deeper in it. Here is a new version with keyboard input and string -> structure of images.

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GL Lines With Paragraph Plug-In

Here's the new version.

Now with Line Structure output !

This version (v.0.3) now contains 4 patches :

  • Image With Paragraph
  • Images With String : Output an array of lines, containing images, one for each glyph.
  • Image With Keyboard Input : Like the "Paragraph" one, but with keyboard input. The patch allow to save the typed text in the patch itself.
  • Paragraph To Line Structures : Like the "Paragraph" one, but outputs a structure of lines structures (several for each character, as each glyph can contain multiple "curves", internal and external.

Examples are still accessible from each patch description. The "Paragraph To Lines Structures" patch example requires :

  • Kineme GL Line Structure
  • 1024 Structure Tools
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