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I'm building a kiosk application in QC. Currently each page of information (and corresponding buttons/content) is in it's own macro. What is the best method for dynamically showing/hiding/transitioning-between "pages" or sets of content? I've been playing with using javascript and multiplexers for selection logic.. but haven't found anything that works. Anyone have any experience with this?

I've included the application so far. You'll need spooky and the included "ZD: Fade". Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes?

Crazy how complex animations in QC are so easy... and I can't wrap my head around "simple" navigation.

100women-kiosk.zip6.28 MB

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Re: Kiosk content navigation

I've only just begun to look into the composition, but it is a very impressive layout. Interesting looking project too.

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Re: Kiosk content navigation

Thanks. It's my first "real" QC project, so I'm trying to work out a good technique. Here's another version where I tried a more nested approach. Also busted :-(

100women-alt.qtz1.76 MB

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Re: Kiosk content navigation

Hi... I do this kind of stuff all the time.. I'm getting a lot of plugin errors opening your file so forgive me if I'm only making suggestions on things you have already achieved..

I normally set this kind of stuff up like this... As you have done set up a multiplexer to go through each page, and whatever way to fade in/out or transition that works best.

Set up a counter and plug it into the source index for the multiplexers. Set up conditional patches and logic for each page.. that first check the counter/page status (if its 0, or if its 1 etc), then check for the relevant mousedown. then put an AND logic statement so if both are achieved you can add to the counter and move to the next page.. (or the reverse to go backwards)

hope that makes sense..

it gets trickier if your composition is non-linear, but you can use sample and hold to feed a number into the multiplexer.. like if mouse down happens on a particular button, sample and hold the page number associated with it, until another condition (i.e. mouse down in detected) sets a new sample..

Make sense?