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Hi There.

Im trying to create something similar to the Plexus plug in for After Effects. See here.

I cant seem to get the movement as random as the plexus video.

Ive been using the Iterator and and replicate in space to creat more nodes and move the camera around.

Could anyone offer any help?

nodes trying2bqtz.qtz19.91 KB

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Re: Nodes

a] You'd probably be better of creating a structure in JS or OpenCL and feeding that into GL Structure patch - lines and or points or into a Mesh patch.

b] I don't think you are getting the best out of the Iterator patches. Perhaps you are getting all you want, but you don't get the best out of the Iterator Variables patch by simply running it nested within yet another patch itself previously wrapped by an Iterator Macro patch.

See attached example regards Iteration. I've broken down the construct into its three stages, Replicate in Space | 3D Transformation | Iterator | each containing a GL Spline [Iterated].

The Iterator Macro Patch directly affects the inputs upon the patch it's values are fed into, none other and that effectiveness effectively ceases if one introduces an Iterator Variable patch either outside of an Iterator patch or even within, as you have done, another macro patch within an Iterator patch.

Try switching the three Macro patches on and off, you ought to see what difference they make and how the all important Iterator Variables patches outputs work.

nodes iterator rework.qtz17.09 KB

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Re: Nodes

Thanks for that. That patch helps me understand things a lot more clearly. I knew i was close and probably not using the iterator patches correctly.