preset save/load within a composition

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i have been working on a patch to save set values in a composition and retrieve them.

what i have now, works in the following way:

-attach inputsplitter to the inputs of structure_readwrite and connect them from their according outputs, opposite to the values, you'd like to save.

-adjust the values as desired

-name your file in "saveasFilename", click into the viewer, and press "s" to save this saves a .plist file next to the patch.

-in the string multiplexer, put in the filename(s).

-make more presets :)

-retrieve the values by loading the file through the preset dropdown

what do you think? is this working and useful for anyone?

(uses "kineme structure to file" from the "kineme file tools" plugin)

greetings, slee

sb_structure_readwrite_24ch_v3.qtz137.42 KB

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Re: preset save/load within a composition

Nice work! I've done something similar but with onscreen controls for the parameters if you're interested