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Our current focus

We love Quartz Composer, and we've had a great time creating with the Kineme community!

In 2012, we decided to start building a new visual programming environment that doesn’t rely on Apple’s support of Quartz Composer. We’ve created Vuo and now we have an engaged and growing community, who are doing great shows and installations and posting amazing compositions. (Read the whole story.)

Vuo 1.2.6 is our latest release, and it has many features to support interactive, creative projects and experiences. Read more about how, as a QC user, Vuo can support your creativity. We hope you'll check it out and download the free trial!

Release: VideoTools, v2.5

Release Type: Production
Version: 2.5
Release Notes

Changes since VideoTools 2.4

  • Updated to Blackmagic SDK version 10.6.1.
  • Added the new 4K video modes available in the latest Blackmagic SDK (2160p50, 2160p5994, and 2160p60).
  • Fixed a potential crash when selecting a video mode unavailable on the selected Blackmagic device.


  • The Blackmagic Capture patch was commissioned by Stuart White of Control Freak Systems.
  • Support for selecting and simultaneously capturing from multiple Blackmagic devices was sponsored by Igloo Vision.

Known Issues

  • ProRes 4444 format does not support transparency (so videos are fully opaque)
  • H.264 videos stutter when played backwards
  • All VideoTools patches provide only video input, not audio input
  • Firewire cameras only support certain combinations of Color Coding, Resolution, and Framerate. Watch the Error output and Console log when troubleshooting.
  • Due to issues with the underlying frameworks, video device info cannot be queried once a video device is in use. Therefore Video Device Info is only updated once: when the composition is first started.

Vuo 1.2 is here! — 20% off through December 31

We released a major new version of Vuo earlier this month. If you haven't tried Vuo yet, or haven't tried it for a while, now's a great time to take a look. Through December 31, Vuo 1.2 is 20% off with coupon code.

Vuo 1.2 brings even more of the Kineme / Quartz Composer features we know and love. As you might remember, Vuo already includes the main features of Kineme QuartzCrystal, Kineme QuartzBuilder, Kineme3D, and a bunch of other Kineme plugins. (And it's less than the price of Kineme3D!) Now, Vuo 1.2 adds subcompositions (similar to QC's macro patches), USB HID nodes (similar to QC's HID Input patch), and a file drag-and-drop node (similar to Origami's Drag and Drop patch).

But Vuo isn't a clone of QC. We're continuing to add support in Vuo for things that aren't possible, or aren't easy, in QC. In Vuo 1.2, this includes timing/scheduling nodes to trigger animations at certain times, a beat detection node to sync visuals with music in live performances, and a fisheye camera (Vuo Pro) for projecting onto planetarium domes. Here's a list of more things that Vuo can do that QC can't.

We really hope you'll try Vuo (there's a free trial) and consider taking advantage of the end-of-year 20% discount. Just go to the Buy Vuo page, and use this coupon code: e5cVg4HL

Release: QuartzCrystal, v2.2

Release Type: Production
Version: 2.2
Release Notes


  • Added workaround for bug in QuartzComposer.framework on Mac OS 10.11, which creates the offline rendering context without a depth buffer, causing incorrect rendering.

Known Issues

See the QuartzCrystal 2.0 release notes.

Release: NetworkTools, v1.6

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.6
Release Notes


  • Added "Query Headers" input to the HTTP Query patch. (Thanks to @incubo for sponsoring this!)

Vuo 1.1 is here! — Export movies, talk to serial devices, and much more!

We just released Vuo 1.1!

We're excited that this Vuo release brings us a lot closer to our dream of creating a replacement for Quartz Composer.

Vuo can now do what the following Kineme plugins and apps do:

  • Kineme QuartzCrystal — high-quality offline movie rendering with antialiasing and motion blur, and realtime movie recording
  • Kineme QuartzBuilder — export compositions as Mac OS X apps
  • Kineme3D — load and manipulate a wide variety of 3D meshes
  • Kineme GLTools — points, lines, cameras, FOV, grids, depth channel, blend modes, selective lighting, stereoscopic rendering
  • Kineme Art-Net Tools — communicate with Art-Net stage lighting
  • Kineme SerialTools — communicate with serial devices
  • Kineme Freeboard — text input
  • Kineme PBMesh — projection warping
  • Kineme AlphaBlendMode — proper alpha compositing

It's all built-in to Vuo; no need to separately purchase plugins and apps. And you can buy it for less than the price of Kineme3D.

(Vuo doesn't yet do literally everything these Kineme plugins/apps do, but the main features are there (along with plenty of new features), and we're working hard to finish up the details.)

Release: Art-Net Tools, v1.6

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.6
Release Notes

Changes since Art-Net Tools 1.5

  • Changed network port settings so that multiple applications using Art-Net Tools can be opened on the same computer at the same time.
  • Fixed crash in Art-Net Receiver when a composition is started while there is a large amount of network traffic.
  • Added workaround for issue when using Art-Net Sender in Resolume Arena, so that it continues to send messages after stopping and restarting a clip.

Release: Kineme3D, v1.9

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.9
Release Notes

Changes since Kineme3D 1.8

  • Added keyed structure output to the Vertex Structure With Object patch.
  • Added keyed structure input to the 3D Object with Vertex Structure patch.
  • Fixed crash when running the Mesh Blender patch in Resolume Arena.

Known Issues

  • OS 10.8 introduced changes to the OpenGL calls made in QC's Mesh and Sprite patches. In OS 10.8 a Sprite or Mesh Renderer patch rendered in the same scene and directly before a Kineme3D Object may corrupt the Kineme3D object's triangle buffer.


  • If possible, modify the rendering order such that 3D Object Renderer is before the Sprite patch, or not immediately following it.
  • Use 3D Plane Generator and 3D Object Renderer in lieu of a Sprite patch.

Release: Kineme2D, v1.2

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.2
Release Notes

Changes since Kineme2D 1.1

  • Added support for the SVG path command S ("smooth curveto") to the Vector Structure With SVG patch.

Known Issues

  • Triangle Structure With Vector and Extrusion With Vector will not generate triangles, and may under rare circumstances crash, when given a vector that intersects itself.
  • The example composition Kineme2D-latheBalloon.qtz doesn't work on 10.8 due to a bug in QC's Interaction patch.
  • Vector Structure With SVG supports only a subset of the SVG language.
    • Supported SVG features include:
      • SVG files generated by Adobe Illustrator
      • Some path elements (moveto, lineto, horizontal lineto, vertical lineto, curveto (cubic), smooth curveto, close)
      • Basic shapes (rect, circle, ellipse, line, polyline, polygon)
      • Text
      • Groups
      • Transforms
      • Stroke/fill attributes
    • Unsupported SVG features include:
      • Size units other than pixels (inches, ems, percentages, ...)
      • Gradients
      • CSS
      • Scripting
      • Animation


@bernardo created the Kineme2D logo.

@gtoledo3 and contributed to the sample compositions.

Kineme2D uses the GNU Triangulated Surface Library, which is licensed under the LGPL. Our modifications are provided.

If Quartz Composer disappeared tomorrow, how would you get your work done?

New fortnightly poll: If Quartz Composer disappeared tomorrow, how would you get your work done?

You may choose more than one response, or write in your own scenario.

Release: Serial IO, v1.0

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.0
Release Notes

Changes since Serial IO 0.2

  • Released source code on GitHub.