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QuartzCrystalCLI is the command-line interface to the QuartzCrystal renderer. It's used behind the scenes from the GUI, and can also be used manually.

It's located in the /Contents/Resources folder of the Application Bundle (where it's needed by the GUI), but can also be copied elsewhere (e.g., /usr/local/bin) for easier access.

When run without any command-line options, it looks like this:

QuartzCrystal 2.0 (20110529 X86)
Copyright (C) 2011 Kosada Incorporated.
usage: ./QuartzCrystalCLI [options] [Composition File]
Where Options are as follows:
   * --version          prints the current version/build number
   * --help             prints this message
   * -o [file]          output file name
   * -w [width]         output width, in pixels.  Default is 640
   * -h [height]        output height, in pixels.  Default is 480
   * -c [codec]         output codec (use '-c help' to list available codecs).  Default is 'avc1'
   * -f [framerate]     output framerate, in frames per second.  Default is 30
   * -q [quality]       codec quality -- 0-5, lowest to highest.  Default is 3
   * -a [antialias]     amount of anti-aliasing -- 1-8 are sane values.  Default is 1 (none)
   * -m [motionblur]    amount of motion blur -- 1-1024 are sane values.  Default is 1 (none)
   * -d [duration]      length of movie in seconds.  Default is 10
   * -s [start time]    initial frame time.  Default is 0
   * -l [time scale]    time multiplier.  Default is 1
   * -p [key=value]     parameter control.
   * -e [file]          a QCRecording event file to render.  If specified, and no duration is specified,
                        renders entire QCRecording event file.
   * -v                 increases verbosity.  Default is 0 (no output).


Render a composition to a movie file

Say you have a composition on your Desktop called "spherespin.qtz". Open Terminal, and cd into the folder, then type:

./QuartzCrystalCLI ~/Desktop/spherespin.qtz

This command creates a 10-second movie in the current folder, called "", 640x480, at 30 FPS.

Render a composition to a movie file, setting a published input port value

./QuartzCrystalCLI -p Period=42 ~/Desktop/spherespin.qtz

This command sets the published input port "Period" to have value "42", then renders the movie with defaults as above.

Render multiple compositions to multiple movie files

Let's make a script to run QuartzCrystalCLI multiple times.

Open TextEdit and create a new document. Go to the Format menu and click Make Plain Text. Then paste the following:

QuartzCrystalParameters="-p Period=42"
for InputComposition in "$@"; do
    OutputMovie=$(dirname "$InputComposition")/$(basename "$InputComposition" .qtz).mov
    $QuartzCrystalCLI $QuartzCrystalParameters -v -o "$OutputMovie" "$InputComposition"

In the above script, change QuartzCrystalCLI to the path where you've installed Change QuartzCrystalParameters to the rendering parameters you'd like to use. Save it as In Terminal, make the script executable:

chmod +x

Then, invoke the script in Terminal, adding the composition files you'd like to render:

./ /Users/smokris/Desktop/spherespin.qtz /Users/smokris/Desktop/boidfish.qtz /Users/smokris/Desktop/pauli-dyson-lenard.qtz

You can drag and crop compositions into the Terminal window, and it'll fill in the full path to the composition file.

The script will render each composition to a movie file in the same folder as the composition.

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