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The streaming of digital imagery, including imagery associated specifically with Quartz Composer, typically involves an integration of several related but separate items of third party software, third party services and a variety of broadcasting motivations and techniques. The purpose of this topic is to aggregate appropriately related internet broadcasting resource information and to provide a discussion venue for Quartz Composer streaming advocacy and activities, with a focus on Quartz Composer related internet broadcasting activities which showcase software from

Streaming Software

Third party software which does the actual streaming. Typically, these tools access imagery provided by external cameras and built-in webcams, but they can also access output from virtual software cameras which are acting as hosts for Quartz Compositions and/or which are acting as screen capture tools for Quartz Composer related imagery generated by other applications.

Virtual Cameras

Software broadcasting accessories that can act as intermediaries between hardware cameras and streaming software. Virtual cameras work by simulating hardware camera output. They can be used for screen captures and for the addition of various digital effects. Some are capable of the hosting and realtime presentation of live Quartz Compositions as effects, in which circumstances they can also be utilized as stand-alone hosts for Quartz Compositions.

  • CamTwist Freeware QC capable virtual camera software from CamTwist is capable of layering multiple Quartz Compositions in user adjustable effects chains. Video Tutorials
  • ManyCam Freeware virtual camera software from QC capable; a QC image filter containing a ManyCam plugin appears at /Library/Compositions for use in QC or elsewhere.
  • CamCamX Commercial QC capable virtual camera software from

Live Video Broadcast Hosting Services

Broadcast hosting services receive the stream and make it available online for viewing, typically by rebroadcasting output from the browser based Adobe Flash Player. Most hosting services also accept high definition streams from Flash Media Live Encoder and/or QuickTime Broadcaster and Wirecast. Links to host-specific encoder instructions, if known, are noted for each service:

Audio Video Conferencing Clients

Using the virtual cameras listed above, live quartz compositions can also be streamed from the Mac via most common AV conferencing clients. iChat is an exception in that it utilizes a private application programming interface to access camera imagery. iChat therefor does not currently access virtual cameras directly, but there is potential for a work-around using the ManyCam plugin.

  • Skype One to one cross-platform AV conferencing.
  • aMSN One to one cross-platform AV conferencing with MSN Messenger.
  • Yahoo Messenger One to one cross-platform AV conferencing.
  • AIM-iChat Multi-user AV conferencing. Cross-platform via AIM only.
  • ooVoo Multi-user cross-platform AV conferencing.
  • There is a plethora of browser based, cross-platform, multi-party conferencing sites on the web. They come and go. Some allow for substantial numbers of participants in a single conference. Audio latency is an issue with many. TinyChat is listed here as a typical, currently existing example.

QC Capable Visualist Accessories

While these tools don't directly input to streaming software, they are nonetheless capable of hosting and presenting live Quartz Compositions and are accessible for streaming via virtual camera using various screen capture techniques:

  • Quartz Composer Freeware Xcode Developer tool from
  • VDMX Commercial VJ software from
  • CoGe Commercial VJ software from
  • ArKaos GrandVJ Commercial VJ software from QC support in ArKaos GrandVJ is currently in beta.
  • Resolume Avenue 3.2 Commercial VJ software from Version 3.2 for Mac includes Quartz Composition playback.

QC Streaming Related

Additional resources which are useful in association with web broadcasting:

  • Syphon Open source technology that allows applications to share frames with one another in realtime. QC integration, amongst many others.
  • Soundflower Open source audio routing utility that allows applications to pass audio to other applications.
  • BoinxTV Commercial QC capable pre-streaming video accessory from Record and edit live QC enhanced video. Useful for pre-recorded broadcasts.