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Release: GL Tools, v20071119

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071119
Release Notes

This is likely to be the last Beta of GL Tools before an official release, provided no other issues are discovered.

The Polygon Mode errors caused by other GL Tools patches have been fixed (via super aggressive GL state saving/restoration). Compile options were also changed to optimize more (don't know how that got turned off ...), so it might be a tiny bit snappier.

Next up, backporting it all to Tiger...

GLTools-20071119.zip90.58 KB

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Possible bug ?

It seems that GL point and others don't work as espected in multiple iterations (an iterator inside another).The second iteration just do anything.... (Sorry to put your nose inside GL tools another time !)

Best regards yanomano.

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position vs index?

It's working perfectly for me ... if you're using the index output, you'll want to scale it down with a math patch first, since the viewport is pretty small in integer units. Or you can try using Current Position, which uses smaller units (0 to 1).

yanomano's picture
Ok for one iterator but...

It works well in one iterator (with iterator variable+math...) but if you put this iterator inside another one nothing happened

You can try to do a 10X10 grid of GL points to test it...


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I did the 10x10 grid

I actually tested by nesting an iterator inside another iterator. No problems.

[though this picture (unsmooth points) and the associated console logs indicate some incorrect value in opengl; this wouldn't affect operation under an iterator though]

Picture 5.png
Picture 5.png819.78 KB

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Can i test it ?

curious... Can you send me the Comp ? Are you on PowerPC ?


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Sure thing

Sure. I'm booted in Tiger right now though (working on finishing up a Tiger project), but I'll upload it next time I reboot. I'm on Intel, but I tested it under Rosetta as well.

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The Composition

This is a simple version that uses nested iterators.

GL Iterator Test.qtz3.08 KB

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Check mine...

ok your comp work fine. Check mine: Iterators with sprite and iterators with points in parrallel for compare... Very strange...

PS : as I can't post .qtz I have added .pdf after the .qtz (delete it...thanks)

regards yano.

YanoGrid_Bug.png130.96 KB
YanoGrid_bug.qtz_.pdf7.33 KB

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3D Transform

Looks like its the 3D transform that the patch isn't working in. This is related to the "invalid enumerant" (gl state stuff is really picky).

I think I've got it fixed, will do some more testing later today, with a beta this evening if all goes well. I think GL Line exhibits this behaviour as well.

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A set of patches for drawing GL primitives and modifying the GL environment.

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Known issues

  • The GL Field of View patch doesn't work properly on Mac OS 10.9 (it produces stretched output).