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Release: GL Tools, v20080107

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080107
Release Notes

Some minor changes to the GLTools beta, with a Tiger version too.

This version adds control over spline control point size and color, as well as a few cleanups and performance tweaks in preparation for the Production release this Wednesday.

The Grid Generator and renderer probably will not be in the production release, unless you think they should be included. Let me know what you think.

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yanomano's picture
Beautifully :)

Simple test with better FPS performances...:) I have no time now but try it more tomorrow.... Best wishes.. yanomano.

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glLineStipple needed !

Seems it is not a lot of work to have line stipple with the Kineme glLine patch as a base....With differents repeated and random pattern... -Perhaps a structure input to define the pattern on the fly ?



cwright's picture

Line stipple just takes a scale and a 16-bit number for input, which is interpreted as a "bit field," [i.e. 42 = 00101010] so it would just take 2 additional numbers for input.

The problem: many OpenGL Drivers have lousy support for line stippling (if any support at all), so this might not work on all machines. I'll add it to the next beta though :)

[EDIT: random pattern isn't possible]

yanomano's picture
Or image input on line ?

Perhaps texturing a GL line will work ?


cwright's picture
That's possible

I can add texture support for lines too. I'll add both (I've already got stipple working — yay barcode generator! :)

yanomano's picture
Both! it is byzance !

Cool for motion graphics !


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Line Texturing Coordinates

So, how should texture coordinations be made available? As simple UV pairs, or something simpler (U only, assume V is 0), or even simpler still (no exported interface, assume point 1 is UV (0,0) and point 2 is UV (1,0))

yanomano's picture
a line with 2 points :

a line with 2 points : (0,0,0) and (1,0,0) idealy it should read a texture like : 512pixels X 1 pixel with 512 pixel mapped in the X axys

I think is it your "U only, assume V is 0" exemple :) An offset parameters just for V would be great...so with a 512X512 pixels image , we have 512 différents patterns for the line.


cwright's picture
free coordinates

By giving control over both U and V though, you can place the line with any orientation you want. That means placing it vertically as well as horizontally, or even obliquely.

I'll probably do that, to fit in with the other texture-using patches, which all have explicit U and V inputs per vertex.

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