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Release: Image With Composition, v0.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.3
Release Notes
As of Mac OS 10.5, this plugin is no longer necessary.

Image With Composition Patch

This is a slightly cleaned public release of smokris's old Image With Composition Patch. It is a Tiger-only plugin. This update:

[ More info on this patch ]

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Alpha Works!

Contrary to the patch's documentation, alpha actually works. To get functional alpha channel, you need to put the Sprite, Billboard, or whatever into "Over" blend mode, instead of "None." Works like a charm :)

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holy crap

wow. i.. totally forgot to check on that.

good work.

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Image With Composition v0.3 Plugin 'bad'?


This plugin is exactly what I need, but it doesn't compile:

".objc_class_name_QCGLCGImage", referenced from: literal-pointer@__OBJC@__cls_refs@QCGLCGImage in OfflineRenderer.o ld: symbol(s) not found

And your binary version gives a log:

10-04-2008 11:53:32 Quartz Composer[3727] *** QCPlugIn: Bundle at path "/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/ImageWithCompositionPatch.plugin" is not a valid Quartz Composer plug-in 

Im on Mac OS X 10.5.2 and use XCode 3.1 (and Quartz Composer 3.1)

Any help would realy be appreciated.

Cheers, Joris

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xcode 3.1?

Are you sure it's xcode 3.1? I have 3.0, and can only see 3.0 on ADC.

If it's not a typo, what's new/fixed in QC 3.1? :D

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xc 3.1

Just so you know, Xcode 3.1 is the version bundled with the iPhone SDK. The UI is changed around a lot, but I don't know of many other changes.

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Tiger - only

This plugin is a tiger-only plugin (Tiger originally had an Image With Composition patch, but it was removed in 10.4.8 or 9 or something for various reasons, so this one was created to fill in the void it created).

The compile errors you're seeing are expected: QC's image stuff changed radically internally for Leopard.

You should look into Render In Image, or try dragging and dropping a composition into the editor to duplicate this functionality on Leopard.

(As an aside, can you test building a few leopard-compatible plugins to see if they work? I've been on the fence about installing Xcode 3.1 because I don't want things to stop working and have to reinstall etc etc)

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I think the problem had to

I think the problem had to do with using the "Movie Loader" patch to load Quartz Compositions --- this was allowed in early 10.4.x versions, but removed from later 10.4.x versions. (Someone figured out that you could use Movie Loader to load itself recursively, and this caused a major system meltdown.. so rather than properly solving the problem it seems Apple just disabled loading Quartz Compositions entirely.)

But now in 10.5, we have a new patch called "Composition Loader" which does pretty much what my "Image With Composition" patch did, but better --- it's more efficient, allows connecting published inputs and outputs, etc.

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Dragging and dropping a

Dragging and dropping a composition into the editor causes the dropped composition to be inserted into the existing composition --- it makes a copy, and if you change the original dropped composition, the copied version doesn't update.

Using "Composition Loader" (just like "Movie Loader", but unlike "Image Loader") creates a "symbolic link" to the on-disk composition --- and updates to the loaded composition propogate.

(Important to know if maintaining huge compositions. Code reuse is your friend, etc etc.)

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Testing Leopard compatible plug-ins

The above answers helped me a lot!

The Render in Image and Compsition Loader are exactly what I needed. So this proves I'm a newbe huh? True, but a very happy one. QC will aloow me to create beautiful visuals at future electronica/trance gigs we do...

Where/how can I find the Leopard compatible plug-ins you want me to test?

Cheers, Joris

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leopard plugins

I think all the stuff in Beta, and everything that has been released after October 26th, 2007 is a leopard-compatible plugin (or, often, leopard-only). We've marked many of them, but not the really really old ones I guess :/

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MIDITools.plugin (20080205beta)

I see this in my logs, when starting QC

12-04-2008 15:52:09 Quartz Composer[2632] *** QCPlugIn: Bundle at path "/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/MIDITools.plugin" is not a valid Quartz Composer plug-in 

Some new signature in the plugin missing?

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wrong path

It's installed in the wrong directory -- please read How to Install Custom Patches

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)